Under the AP is for and by those of us in Wi-Fi.

Under the AP is all about getting to know those of us in the Wi-Fi industry. If you’d like to be put “under the AP” as a guest, send us an email with a brief introduction and we’ll get back to you. If you choose to be a guest, be prepared to talk about yourself. We’ll ask things like:

  • How and/or why did you get into Wi-Fi?
  • Where and/or with who have you worked?
  • What are you doing (or have done) in Wi-Fi that excites you?
  • Do you have a side-hustle?
  • What are some of challenges that you face in your role?
  • Do you have a blog or vlog?
  • Do you have a voice in the Wi-Fi community? Describe it.
  • What is your favorite Wi-Fi tool?
  • Do you have a favorite Wi-Fi vendor? Who and why?
  • What is your strongest Wi-Fi skill?
  • In what role did you learn the most?
  • Have you been to a recent Wi-Fi related conference, and what topic really spoke to you?
  • Do you have a mentor? Who is he/she and what was it that they did that was most helpful to you?
  • What aspect of Wi-Fi would you like to be involved with or strengthen next?
  • Is there a company that you would really like to work for? Why?
  • What certifications do you have (or plan on getting soon), and how have they impacted your career?
  • Have you ever reached out to any other folks within the Wi-Fi community? Why and was it helpful?
  • Who in the community would you like to shadow for a day?
  • Share an experience that you are proud of where you used your Wi-Fi skills.

Meet Your Hosts

A husband, father, and Wi-Fi enthusiast living in Provo, UT. Todd has been working in Wi-Fi since 2003 when he got the CWNA certification, and today is CWNE #404. Throughout his career, Todd has worked at a leading infrastructure vendor, a Wi-Fi client device manufacturer, a Wi-Fi software solution developer, and a top managed service provider.

While he is a bit of a social media lurker, he does enjoy talking about and teaching Wi-Fi, and seeks opportunities to learn and help others whenever possible.

Todd Smith

Now looking for a co-host. Send me an e-mail if you are interested.

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