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Episode 006 – Peter MacKenzie & Ben Toner

In this episode we put Peter and Ben ‘under the AP”, where we learn about how Peter ended up in Wi-Fi as the industry’s PCAP guru and trainer extraordinaire.  We also learn about Ben, who designed his own Wi-Fi log analysis tool for iPhone called nOversight.  We also hear about Peter and Ben conspiring with a European cleaner and maintainer of Wi-Fi – I wonder what they might be up to…

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Episode 005 – Jack Raynor & Drew Lentz

In this episode, we put Jack and Drew “under the AP”, where we learn about how Jack ended up as co-chair for OpenWiFi, and Drew does cartoon impersonations and gives us his glimpse into the future of Wi-Fi. And unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties during the discussion portion of the podcast where Jack and I discussed OpenWiFi. My apologies to Jack, Drew, and all of you who listen to this episode.

Episode 004 – Jussi & Joel

In this episode, we put Jussi and Joel “under the AP”, where we learn what Jussi will likely do after his career in Wi-Fi, and what Joel likes to do with soup cans. In between, we discover how they ended up in Wi-Fi, and learn a bit more about Hamina and what it takes to start a business.

Episode 003 – Bob Friday

We sit down with Bob Friday, who has been at the forefront of several Wi-Fi fundamental shifts over the last two decades, and learn about some of his most impactful contributions to Wi-Fi, where he sees it going, and what he may have in store next.

Episode 002 – Rowell & Francois

Rowell and Francois (from the popular “Clear to Send” podcast) join us this episode to tell us how and why they got into Wi-Fi, and then we discuss what it takes to start your own Wi-Fi consulting business.

Episode 001 – Keith Parsons

The godfather of Wi-Fi himself, Keith Parsons, tells us how he ended up in Wi-Fi, shares some of his Wi-Fi adventures, and we then learn about how and why Keith started the WLPC conference and what we can expect there in just a few weeks.

Episode 0 (part 2) – Trent Cutler

In part 2 of episode 0, we turn the table and put Trent Cutler “Under the AP”. Learn a bit about Trent, his Wi-Fi journey, and how he ended up back at Metageek where it all began for him almost 15 years ago.

Episode 0 (part 1) – Todd Smith

In part 1 of episode 0, guest host Trent Cutler puts Todd Smith “Under the AP”. Learn a bit about Todd and why he decided to start this new podcast that focuses on individual professionals in the Wi-Fi community.

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Upcoming Episode